Criminal Enterprise of the Masonic Order

The very word of “secret” means to keep hidden from the knowledge of others or in Latin secretus meaning “separate, set apart.” It means to restrict or to be conspiratorial, so if the secret society of Freemasons claims to do good, why then are they so secretive about their organization?

So much evil in one hall in London

Freemasonry, however, was open to just white men, Christian, and not from the working class. They did not see themselves as a religious organization, but in the recent past, they were accused of anti-Semitism. Now the lodges have female members most like those in London are populated with pensioner age women. They are segregated, and female lodges are not as popular.

According to the words on the wall of the United Grand Lodge of England, home of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, the beginning of freemasonry is recorded to June 24, 1717, when four England lodges met up at Goose and Gridiron Tavern near St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The meeting was to form a Grand lodge that would become a governing body and appoint a Grand Master to preside over them. This is how they were to “operate”:

"Freemasonry’s value of sociability, inclusivity, charity, and integrity shared by all its members, enabled it to develop into a significant social institution which endures to this day."

However, they have not upheld those so-called values. That was most evident when they bailed out William Morgan on September 12, 1826, a Batavia, New York never to be seen or heard from again. Morgan had infiltrated his local lodge, collected information, and wrote a book that was to be published before the local Masonic order panicked and started harassing him. They then brought up trumped-up charges against Morgan and his publisher and even imprisoned them. Such is the Masonic order’s power that the local police were acting in favor of the lodge to arrest Morgan. His book threatened to expose their sinister dealings with “strongest evidence of rottenness” in the institution. So, in their opinion, he had to be dealt with. Masonic order in the U.S. was most evident in New York, but also all over the U.S., where they infiltrated the country’s social, economic, and political hierarchies.

Still, to this day, they continue to break the law, and the brotherhood of their fellow Masons is there to give a helping hand. Their members come from all the government bodies, which include police and judiciary, intelligence agencies, even royal family, governments, military, etc., so all for one and one for all works when Masonic order needs to break the law. In recent years they have begun to recruit foreigners so they can spy on other immigrants in the UK to save themselves from being accused of discrimination and harassment against those that are non-English.

In recent years they had opened themselves to public scrutiny hiring a PR firm to represent them, started Instagram and Twitter accounts. Still, soon after, the outgoing chairmen of the UK’s Police Federation, Steve White, served a blow to the Freemasons by announcing that they have been “blocking reforms in policing and thwarting the progress of women and officers from black and minority ethnic communities.” White said:

“The people who blocked progress at the Police Federation were all masons. And they were all a pain in the arse.”

But that is nothing new, as police and judiciary bodies had to disclose the membership to this secret society in the UK up until 2009 because it was thought they were influencing decision making in Masonic orders favor, but after 2009 it no longer seems a compulsory disclosure as many of them have massive influence in the government and how decisions are made. To make things worse, on May 24th, 2015, British newspaper Sunday Express published a story titled “Pedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ.” The article describes how Keith Harding, who was a former secretary of the Pedophile Information Exchanged, was made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England in 2011. Harding, convicted of assault against children under the age of ten, was welcomed in the fold by Freemasons. The organization also prides itself on its heritage to the UK’s Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) equivalent of the American NSA.

According to this article:

“The Mercurius Lodge is known as the Spies Lodge because it was set up by GCHQ and over the years many intelligence officers have become members. These are people trained to find out sensitive information and yet none of them had any idea of Keith’s background and past convictions. They even voted him the highest honor by making him Worshipful Master. Keith felt the Freemasons were somewhere he finally belonged, he called them his 'brotherhood'."

So, it is by no surprise that Masons have infiltrated those highest echelons of power like the GCHQ, which also works directly with the UK’s MI5 and MI6. As I mentioned in my article, “The sinister methods of the British establishment and their agents” links directly to the former British Ambassador to Bosnia, Charles Crawford, who was actually an MI6 agent. In the 1990s, he was sent by the British Conservative government of Prime Minister John Major to Bosnia to help destroy a country that the American government was helping to stop the war in. British agents acted directly against the American government and attempted to thwart America’s plans to end the war in Bosnia. Crawford was the worst of them as he made threats against the local journalist who wrote the truth about the British government's involvement in the partitioning of Bosnia. The threat issued by Crawford was against the writer’s ex-wife and daughter living in London, and all threats have been and continue to be executed by Crawford and Freemasons.

Crawford, a member of Freemasons, had had his brotherhood help prevent the daughter from finding a job in the UK for years now despite her extensive education and experience. He had set up a car accident that almost killed her mother and entered their home illegally with no court order when the two were not at home, and his brotherhood continues to do this under Crawford's direction. Crawford has had his brotherhood go through their documents, set up surveillance on them in the form of bugging their home and communication devices i.e., phones and cell phones, bugged their laptops, and hacks their emails, bullies and harasses them. All this is possible through their members at the GCHQ. He also made sure that the ex-wife of the journalist had a job where she would be harassed and forced out. However, she still works where she does and has uncovered that her bosses at the optical store have links to freemasons. Whoever was set on her to bully, harass her and lie against her, Freemasons had arranged jobs for in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) even when those people were not qualified for those jobs. Crawford and Freemasons have also wiped clean a record of a woman who had a criminal record and helped her get a job in New York as a nurse even though she had no links to the USA and has a criminal record in the UK. So British Freemasons are importing criminals into the U.S. without the knowledge of the American government.

Crawford and Freemasons have isolated these two women from all of their family and friends by lying against them. But for what? Because an article was written by their relative that has nothing to do with them. The women have never broken the law either. Masonic order is an evil law-breaking organization that has built itself based on lies and criminal behavior. They are secretive organization because they do not want anyone to know just how many laws they break and the types of criminals they allow in their fold. They are successful because their members are in the highest echelons of power, including the police, judiciary, and government.

So, it is no surprise that when the daughter of the journalist contacted the police, they refused to investigate. Or when she called up law firms for help, they refused to take on the case, or when they visited their local MP, he didn’t help as he is also a member of Masonic order. The media organizations that the two women contacted to have their story reported was also ignored because Masonic order has infiltrated those organizations with memberships. Even the UK’s Civil Service is involved with Freemasons because no-decision in the British government is ever made without their involvement. When Crawford “stepped down” from the MI6, he joined Civil Service to train new intakes who have chosen the path of “diplomacy” although it is questionable what sort of “diplomacy” he could teach anyone.

The entire British establishment, in other words, a criminal enterprise, is built up of people whose mental state is questionable.

It is no wonder then Freemasons membership has gone down significantly in the U.S. from 4.1 million in 1959 to 1.1 million today.

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