Don't knock Stormzy down when he's telling the truth

“Rule number two, don't make the promise / If you can't keep the deal then just be honest / I can never die I'm Chuck Norris/ F*** the Government and f*** Boris.”

Sung British grime artist Stormzy’s in his hit single Vossi Bop taking aim at the divisive policies of the British Conservative government and its leader Boris Johnson. And now it is Stormzy who gets criticism for telling the truth.

Years of austerity have made the poor poorer and the rich richer. While Johnson mingles with rich ex-KGB spies a day after the election, many wonder how they will make ends meet as the winter gets colder. Some will choose not to heat their homes in order to eat or will starve to be able to feed their children while food banks continue to grow in one of the richest countries in the world. Ethnic minorities will be discriminated against in Johnson’s Britain and even more so on January 31st, 2020 when if you speak with an accent or are not white, you will come under a vicious attack by now openly racist #BrexitBritain.

Stormzy, a young black British musician only points to the truth, so why are the English persecuting him for that? Because they know it is the truth. And most of those who attack him are part of the establishment using vile language to put him down. Let’s face it, when Stormzy moved into his Chelsea home, his neighbor called police telling them it was being burgled. The police came and kicked in his front door only to find Stormzy living in the property. That is what Britain is. A country where a black man or any other ethnic minority who makes a good living is assumed a burglar by some upper-class ignorant neighbor.

My article “The True Face of Brexit Britain” already outlines just how much racism has grown. Truth is there was always racism in Britain, only this time Brexit has allowed it to be open with no consequences. In what is well documented Windrush Scandal, Conservatives deported thousands of black people back to the Caribbean countries they come from. Between 1948 and 1970, the British government invited half a million people from the Caribbean due to labor shortages after World War II, and they came. Those people were born British subjects, which entitles them the same rights as anyone born in the UK. They worked and built the country doing the worst jobs, paid taxes, some owned homes and eventually were deported or were not allowed back in. When the cases were publicized, some were issued peanuts in compensation in comparison to how much they lost. They were allowed back in, but only after their lives were destroyed by the British government.

Then there is the continuous growth of racism during soccer matches where football fans make monkey chants at black players. Those who can stop it only issue warnings but there is no real action to prevent the vile remarks.

But this racism is instilled in the British and history will attest to that. Looking at how atrociously they treated their former colonies and how much they look down on them still should not be surprising to anyone. All those former colonies despise them, and not only for treating them appallingly but also for stealing their resources and taking it back to the UK. The fact is, the time of the colonies is over, and the British need to realize they have no influence and as more racist stories come out, it disadvantages their diplomats who go abroad and lecture other countries on human rights.

So, when Stormzy says he 100% believed there was racism in the country, don’t retaliate with racist commentary accusing him of making it up, because you only reinforce what we all already know. A thousand of reports of racism, publicized every day, back his comments. But do not be mistaken, Stormzy was not expressing an opinion, he was telling the truth. Because only those of us who like him are an ethnic minority, know that to be the truth.

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