No, it isn't all about racism, but it is still one of the most significant issues

When Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, I was all on board for this union, and even more when they got married. The Royal family, or “the firm” as it is known, needed to be more open to different ethnicities, which for years now alongside its media, it has shown that it is not. And it all seemed dandy, even the Queen approved the marriage between the two, and Prince Charles walked Meghan down part of the aisle.

But Meghan, a biracial American divorcee, was never going to satisfy the British media and public because she’s not white and because she’s American. British aren’t fans of Americans because they know they will always be in the U.S.’ shadow, and no amounts of marriages and living in each other's countries is going to change Brit's view.

Meghan was never going to win over the British public nor the racist media. Soon appalling reports started coming out in the British trashy right-wing press like the Daily Mail reporting that when Catherine touched her baby bump, it was “tenderly cradles.” Still, when Meghan did it, “is it pride, vanity or acting…” Or when Express accused Meghan of eating avocados linked to Human Rights abuse. Yet, when Catherine Middleton was pregnant, it was OK. Everything is alright for white English Dutches to do, but not for the biracial American Dutches.

When Meghan gave birth, BBC Radio DJ, Danny Baker, posted a photo on his Twitter account depicting the royal baby as a chimp, and he argued he didn’t think it was racist. But appalling discrimination against Meghan was atrocious. British media was showing their true racist colors, which were always there but became so evident with the marriage of Harry and Meghan. British press even described her as “almost out of Compton.” And they gave an enormous media platform to her father’s side of the family to attack her. Yes, Kate was called “Waity Katie” by the British media accusing her of waiting for William to marry her. Yet, her family milked the royal ticket for their failed business, but the Palace hushed all those reports. However, they never did such a thing for Meghan.

Whatever Meghan is and however much of attention seeker she is, and she is, there is still no need to abuse her racially.

But Harry and Meghan aren't innocent either

It was not only the racism that pushed them to leave the UK. They did not like criticism they received, having lectured to the British public about global warming, yet they took three private jet flights in the space of a week to visit their friend Sir Elton John last summer. Prince Harry thought that his sweetheart relationship with the British public could be abused by him and his new bride when they hopped on now the most famous fashion statement of celebrities, the global warming train. But she has yet to lecture her best friend, Jessica Mulroney, who, after babysitting Archie, has said she's going to be taking a lot of flights. I guess Megahn deems that ok but feels superior over the taxpayers?

And how can we forget the South Africa trip which was going so smoothly until Harry and Meghan dropped the bombshell announcing they were suing British media for publishing the edited version of the letter Meghan wrote to her father, Thomas Markle. Now her father could be called as a witness by the British press to testify against her. But I only wonder who will pay for the legal fees Harry and Meghan will face from this.

Then they went off to Canada for six weeks funded by the taxpayers who also paid for security detail. They then left Archie in Canada with Meghan’s best friend, Jessica, the further cost to the taxpayer since security detail had to remain with the baby. And while in the UK, Harry and Meghan issued a repulsive statement resigning from the Firm without letting the Queen know they will do that. For Harry, this speaks volumes about his character or lack of. He has stabbed his 94-years-old granny in the back when she has a full plate of problems already. Now they want to be free of royal duties but think they should still get tax-payer funded security because they think they are “internationally protected people.” But according to Jan Wouters, professor of international law at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium:

“Harry and Meghan want to move away from carrying out royal duties and become purely private people. Therefore, it is highly debatable whether they are legally entitled to the status of internationally protected people. International protection will not continue if you withdraw into purely private life. The logical conclusion is that there will have to be a bilateral agreement between Britain and Canada to provide for their security.”

And while, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William, and the Queen fine-tune the details of this new arrangement, Meghan is hopping on and off a seaplane in Vancouver Island to travel to women shelter. It is not difficult to assume, that Meghan a celebrity most of us in the UK have never heard of, married Prince Harry for the status she knew she would get from this marriage. And since the birth of Archie, she has secured her life even if that marriage ends, and I am willing to bet on it that it will not last. She will get status and career out of it, and Harry will return to the UK with a tail between his legs, having also lost the support of the country. Meghan knew very well what she was getting herself into. She is a very calculating character and a has-been actress who needed a boost. The fact that Meghan and Harry left Archie in Canada intending to return to him within a week after releasing the bombshell royal duty letter speaks volumes. They did not care what the Queen and the palace thought. They were going to resign one way or another. Meghan went running after throwing naïve Harry under the bus, so she avoids all the scrutiny. But she was mistaken, because now all the bets are off on how their life will be reported in the media, and British media will not forgive that Harry and Meghan are pointing fingers at them as the culprits in the royal saga.

But who will pay for their security in Canada is another matter? The bill could reach a staggering $1.3 million (£1m) paid for by the British taxpayer. But if they are private citizens, they should not be entitled to that treatment. If, as reported, Meghan has signed a deal with Disney, after Prince Harry nudged Disney’s CEO over it very publicly, then Harry and Meghan should pay for their security. Former British footballer David Beckham pays for his own, so let those two overprivileged entitled spongers pay for theirs too. The fact that she also wants to live in California after Donald Trump is no longer president, I very much doubt Americans will pay for their security, and as for Canadians paying for it while Harry and Meghan are there sounds like it won’t happen. But British taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for two people who don’t contribute to the country. British taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for anyone in the royal family since they are worth millions. And it is already said they will be taxed in Canada, and as the U.S. citizen, Meghan already is, so they should pay for themselves. They did after all trademark over 100 items to protect their "Sussex Royal" brand, as did Catherine and Prince William.

So next time there is a right royal huff and puff over Harry and Meghan leaving the UK, remember they are not the innocent party in this saga, but yet British media is racists and has been so towards her. If they want to leave, fine, go live your life how you want to, but don’t expect the taxpayers to prop up your life when the cost of living is going up in the UK, salaries are unchanged, and Brexit will bring economic misery to the country. If you want to live it up privately, pay for yourself. Stop milking the taxpayers.

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