The sinister methods of the British establishment and their agents

“The way things are supposed to work is that we're supposed to know virtually everything about what they [the government] do: that's why they're called public servants. They're supposed to know virtually nothing about what we do: that's why we're called private individuals.” ― Glenn Greenwald

In the perfect world, Greenwald’s words would speak the truth. Still, we do not live in the ideal world. We live in a surveillance society where we know nothing about influential, morally corrupt leaders of our countries while they know everything about us, including how we recycle. Occasionally, we find out just how corrupt our politicians and intelligence agencies are and the lengths they would go to fulfill their ego by telling us how to live our lives while they do the opposite.

Anywhere in the world one goes, they are watched. When one enters the country or takes a taxi to the hotel, they are watched. Employees who have to clock in and out are watched; freelancers’ emails are used as a timestamp to prove the hours they worked. Local councils watch how we recycle; store cards tell our history of what we buy and how we eat. Dating apps show how we date and who we chose, algorithms are created to tell us what or who we may like, or jobs we are matched with, CCTV cameras around cities follow our every move watching what we do, who we meet and how we interact in society. And while this is somewhat a normal part of life we live, there is also surveillance that is used for sinister ends.

In the perfect world, there are laws that governments have to obey when it comes to surveillance, but in countries like the United Kingdom, those laws are very often broken. To the British government, establishment and their intelligence agencies, laws do not apply, at least it is how they operate. Their intelligence agencies are filled with middle classes recruited from Oxford and Cambridge university or aristocratic families. They have therefore always lived with a view that laws do not apply to them. Only in the UK, 7% are privately educated, and they hold 50% of top jobs, well it is reflective of how badly the country is run.

So those individuals who end up in security agencies like the MI6 are unleashed to do whatever they please and break any laws they like even when they are not supposed to operate domestically. Lawrence Cappello, a professor of constitutional history at the University of Alabama, wrote in his book titled “None of Your Damn Business: Privacy in the United States from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age” that America was founded partly in rebellion against the privacy-violating British. So, the history of British illegal activity has made its mark long ago. While they still violate the privacy of their citizens, they also do it in such a way to destroy their lives, especially when there's a personal vendetta involved.

To the British establishment, privacy-violating practice does not stop at eavesdropping. It goes further, they enter an individual’s home illegally, bug the house, tap or bug the phones, follow, bully, ruin lives with lies and intrigue, prevent individuals from fundamental human rights. They breach Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights:

“Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home, and his correspondence."

Surveillance is just a word in a dictionary for the British who sent their agents abroad not to learn but to destabilize and destroy little countries for their benefit so they can feel proud of themselves, thinking they are still dominant. Quite frankly, they are no different from Russian President Vladimir Putin, although even he is always smarter than they are. Surveillance to the British is blackmail. The word itself means to watch over but also to prevent evil, but not in Britain.

An example of British actions in unstable countries is in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the 1990s war, which ravaged that country and where British establishment played a significant role in destabilizing it. So, in 1997, an article by a Bosnian author was published. It details the British government's involvement in the partitioning of Bosnia and preventing the country from defending itself during the war. The Bosnian author was not the only one who has ever written that sort of article, several American journalists have too. There is also a book “Unfinest Hour: Britain and the Destruction of Bosnia” by Irish professor Brandon Simms in which he meticulously outlines what British politics did there. But since Bosnia was a failed state, it was easy to manipulate with it. So British Ambassador to Bosnia, Charles Crawford, who was an MI6 agent pretending to be a diplomat, stormed into the office of the author of the article demanding he stops writing the truth. The author rejected Crawford’s demands. Crawford then threatens his family, stating that the British government knows his ex-wife and daughter live in London, and that harm will come to them as a result of that article.

Soon after, Crawford goes to President of Bosnia Alija Izetbegovic and demands that the author is removed from his column. In the failed state that Bosnia was, the President complies. When the author has not published an article in some weeks, the American diplomats start asking why? Soon after American government “accidentally” publishes a list of foreign intelligence agents operating in Bosnia, and Charles Crawford is on that list also.

While in London, Crawford’s demented ego is hurt, and he exacts his revenge on the author’s family, not because Americans have ousted him, but because this author wrote the truth about British foreign policy. To this day, the illegal activity of Crawford, his henchman, mostly Freemasons, is backed by the British government and the Conservative party. The author of the article died three years ago. His ex-wife and daughter still fight for their human rights and justice in the UK, where the daughter has never had a job apart from some freelance work gotten under a different name she used (changed legally) until the British establishment got hold of that information too. She is highly educated with two master's degrees and internationally published. She remains blacklisted in the UK. Crawford has even prevented police investigation after the case was reported to them. She and her mother are bullied continuously, watched, bugged. Ex-wife has also been in a car crash that almost killed her, and which was set up by Crawford. People she works for have gone out of their way to breach her every human right.

So, when we speak of big brother watching us, in a normal society that seems to be a norm, but sinister surveillance is not a norm. Sinister surveillance is used by the British government to destroy lives. Instead of concentrating more on preventing terror attacks, the MI6 wastes money, destroying the lives of people in their country. British establishment knows that as long as the family lives in the UK, they are free to abuse them. They have stopped their emails from traveling out of the country seeking help. They prevent their emails from finding her a job and have prevented law firms from taking their case as well as inserted their agents to try and trick the daughter into dating them. On flights of a British airline, there is often someone from British civil service or teacher sitting next to them, and we all know teachers are some of the most prominent spies on international students in the UK. In American airline companies, this is never the case.

But Crawford and British politics did not stop with private citizens. He was also working in Russia at the same time as now-famous Christopher Steele, whose dossier against the U.S. President Donald Trump was compiled from CNN reports. He also has strong links to Gianni Pittela, who spoke at a DNC conference in 2016 and has called President Donald Trump, a “virus.” But Crawford is no fan of Hilary Clinton either and has called her vile names. He only likes to stir trouble since he passionately hates the U.S. because he knows the British establishment protects him at all costs. Crawford has spent time in South Africa as an undercover MI6 agent, and not to help the country. These days he teaches at the London Academy of Diplomacy, one wonders what could he possibly teach anyone.

So next time you hear British “diplomats” criticizing human rights abuses in other countries, remember that it is all talk. That is UK's “diplomats” way to pretend they are care when, in fact, they breach human rights daily, especially when they have a personal vendetta. But the advice is simple: if you don’t like the truth written about regimes you represent, don’t go destroying other’s countries.

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