The True Face of Brexit Britain

The aftermath of the Brexit referendum in June 2016 saw a massive spike in racism in Britain more than at any other time. Right after the referendum, open seasons against immigrants who spoke in their native language were on the rise, and many were attacked. Feces were thrown by an army vet vandalizing a German national's door, and English working in government institutions discriminate against immigrants. Nigel Farage’s and Conservative Party’s Brexit Britain became excruciatingly and openly racist, showing their true colors, but those colors were always present, they were only hibernating. They went from tolerating to openly hating. In Britain, it is often said that they tolerate immigrants. But that word by itself is overtly discriminatory because immigrants who live in the UK and pay taxes and contribute to society should be accepted not "tolerated." Tolerating means, "I am not happy you are here, but the law prohibits me from voicing my disdain." Even though immigrants do jobs that the British on welfare don’t want. Just after the Brexit referendum, in July 2016, police recorded a 41% spike in hate crime against immigrants in comparison to the previous month. Two weeks before the referendum vote, there were 1,546 racially or religiously aggravated offenses as reported by 31 police stations in Britain, and immediately after the poll, the number climbed to 2,241. And in September 2016, the National Police Chiefs’ Council said that the number of incidents rose by 58% since the referendum in June the same year. In August 2016, six teenagers were arrested for killing a Polish man only because he was speaking in his native language in part of Essex known for teenage delinquents. Locals went as far as downplaying the hate crime claiming teenagers gathered to socialize. Three thousand allegations of hate crime were made in 2016 after the referendum. Still to this day, it continues as radical right attacks female politicians and political candidates calling them all sorts of vile names and physically and verbally attacking their volunteers for choosing the “traitor side.” The most famous case was the June 2016 murder of British Labour politician, Jo Cox. She was shot and stabbed multiple times in a targeted attack by a man with links to far-right. But the buck doesn’t stop there, in some neighborhoods in Britain where majority English live, they treat their immigrant neighbors with disdain, and it goes as far as National Health Service (NHS). An example of this is in London, where a tree planted on NHS property shedding into immigrant’s garden and by law should be trimmed, has not been done because immigrants live in that house. The groundskeeper, English working class, will not do it despite doing the same job to the English neighbors. Even at the order of the local council who contacted him and told him the tree isn’t protected and can be trimmed, however, the tree still stands. Further to that, the English Brexit voting pensioner living next door to the immigrant family called groundskeeper and insisted he sticks to his guns and refuses to trim this tree for the immigrant family. Not only is the immigrant family discriminated against by the groundskeeper of the NHS, but it is also by its neighbor. English still behave like they can tell everyone else how to live, but no one should be allowed to tell them what to do. The truth is Britain remains divided as ever, lied to by the wealthy Conservative politicians, aristocrats, and Vote Leave camp of Farage and Boris Johnson. Racism continues to rise from 64% in January 2016 to 76% in February 2019. Racists have gained new confidence to hate, whether in person or social media, and the most attacked are not only European immigrants but also non-Europeans. Not only is racism ripe amongst ordinary people, but also celebrities. Right after the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son, a BBC Radio DJ posted a photo of a couple with a chimp. After the backlash from the public, BBC fired him. Racism has grown even at football matches where abuse towards ethnic minority footballers are on the rise. Conservative and Labour Party are plagued with allegations of Islamophobia and antisemitism, respectively. Online racism doubled since the referendum to 51%, with tweets against immigration. That is what Brexit Britain has become a country where if you are a tax-paying immigrant, you are discriminated against because you are not English. The direction in which the UK is headed is the one where only pure English radical and far-right live, where democracy is unheard of and where they make their own rules even when those rules are anti-democratic. What Sharia law is to Muslims, far-right anti-democracy, would be to the UK. British feel that they can go to anyone’s country and work there, but no one can come to theirs. The real issue is that this country will become a small miserable island without any influence in the world if they don’t change their attitude. A small number of Brits don’t want to be headed in the direction of being close to other nations. Still, there are the uneducated or wealthy aristocrats who haven’t entirely moved out of 16 century England when they had power. They will soon find out just how powerless they are and how much no one likes them.

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