We Are Not Your Guinea Pigs, Boris

The news since December 2019, has pretty much all been about COVID -19 or Coronavirus starting with Wuhan, China. Twitter was abuzz with videos of Chinese people eating bats, and other animals, most of us would not imagine even to put on a plate. World Health Organization was rushing to find out what the source of the virus was.

But Europe watched China in horror, not considering stopping flights to and from China. And just as Wuhan and 11 other Chinese provinces were on lockdown, the first death was reported in Paris. It was a Chinese tourist. Shortly after, it was Italy's turn, and as it began to unfold, Austria considered closing its borders with Italy.

And then like an explosion, Italian cases of Coronavirus rapidly escalated overnight with infections and death in double digits. While Wuhan was China's epicenter, Italy became Europe's. But the Italian government acted slowly and hundreds of people begun to die, until Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, placed towns of lockdown. However, infected Italians were still flying on vacations. In India, 16 Italian tourists had to be quarantined after testing positive for Coronavirus. At the U.K. airports - Heathrow and Gatwick - Italians were waltzing in unchecked while Boris Johnson's government could not be bothered to introduce necessary checks for everyone coming into the UK.

Italy finally went on lockdown. Police vehicles drove through neighborhoods instructing people through megaphones to remain behind closed doors. Italians from their balconies and windows broke into songs to give each other moral support. Denmark told its citizens not to leave the country. Spain will soon follow Italy.

But the UK, as the UK goes, always thinks its the smartest country with the best doctors. So far I have not seen one smart decision made by Johnson nor his two "expert" doctors he is flanked by during every press conference he gives from the Downing Street. The ideas they have come up with are:

- Only those in hospitals will be tested, no one else. - So I ask how does the NHS and Johnson's government plan on preventing the spread if they don't know where the virus is at?

- Mass gatherings to stop in the coming weeks. - How about right now? You may have canceled significant events, but last nights newspapers reported people are still mingling in crowds especially in Leicester Sq where theatergoers gathered.

- No lockdowns. - So basically, the virus has a green light to spread, especially on dirty underground where those that must use it are forced to breathe in processed air. It's been reported that the underground drive has already been diagnosed positive for the virus. The government will also not prevent people from flying into to country.

- "60% of the UK population will need to become infected with COVID-19 in order for society to have 'herd immunity' from future outbreaks."(Sky News) - So Downing Street is using the public as their very own guinea pigs, and the whole country is one big virus laboratory while doing absolutely nothing to prevent deaths.

- Statutory payment of £94 ($113) a week - If you are taken ill and have to self-isolate or be quarantined, the British government will pay £94 a week to anyone in full employment in the UK. Freelancers can register for Universal Credit welfare, but this takes five weeks to be issued. It is insulting to people to be granted this sorry excuse for statutory payment. What can they get for £94? That is not going to pay their bills.

We are not your guinea pigs Downing Street, and we are not stupid, although we all know you bunch of posh out of touch ministers think we are and assume you are above us. It will be this outbreak and deaths of so many that will judge your inaction at the next elections. I assure you it will not be good, not for you and especially not for that charlatan Conservative Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey. His idiotic and irresponsible comments that if Japan is unable to host the Summer Olympics, London is ready and willing to, is just astounding. Bailey did not stop to consider how much the virus would spread in the UK as long as he wins and becomes London Mayor so that his ego can remain intact.

Johnson's government is hoping Coronavirus will become an epidemic in the UK so that we can all forget about his bad handling of the Brexit trade deal as he knows he over-promised and is unable to deliver anything.

But with so many businesses already in trouble, even British Airways threatening to cut its staff, the economy slowing down and now even the U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his travel restrictions will extend to the UK and Ireland from Monday night. Well done, Johnson. If anti-Brexit voters thought Brexit is going to isolate them from the world, well, Coronavirus beat Brexit to it, thanks to Johnson. Can Johnson's government afford to have this massive shock to the economy extended any further? Just imagine how many more companies will collapse as a result of the US ban or how many companies, especially the travel sector relies on the US connection? Now you know how badly Johnson is handling the crises.

The British economy will be worse affected if Johnson's government doesn't take Coronavirus outbreak seriously, and introduces severe measures, including the lockdown and closure of all businesses to tackle this problem. Yes, it will affect the economy but not as much as it will if we don't act now.

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