Who Really Shapes Foreign Affairs?

Iraqi-born British Conservative Party member Nadhim Zahawi MP managed to climb the highest echelons of power in Le Circle and not because he's good at his job, because he isn't, but because he's a millionaire just the kind that the British Conservative and the British establishment like to have on their books.

He started his career as an aid to British peer Lord Jeffrey Archer only due to the latter's work to help Kurdish victims of the Iraq War, he would later go on to become a member of the Wandsworth Council, helped to it by Archer. A few years later, Archer would go to jail for purgery and liable.

But in 2010, Zahawi became an MP, and it did not take long for him to show just how corrupt he is. In 2013, British taxpayer paid MP expenses amounted to £170,234 ($218,478), which ranks him 130th highest out of 650 MPs. The same year he claimed £5,822 ($7,472) in expenses for heating the stables for his horses, while most British pensioners and people on low wages froze or skipped meals to heat their home for an hour in what was one of the coldest winters on record. And only when the horse saga came to media attention did he apologize and offer to pay back the money.

And while the taxpayers had to fork out for his expenses, Gulf Keystone Ltd, an Iraqi oil company where he was Chief Strategy Officer, paid him £20,125 ($25,828) a month, a recruitment company where he was non-executive director paid him £3333 ($4,278). He is a 50% shareholder in Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd, holds shares in SThree, YouGov, and Genel Energy – anglo-Turkish exploration and production company within the oil and gas industry. His declared property interests:

"Residential property and 31 acres of land in Warwickshire, with stables, run as a livery yard by Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd; residential buy-to-let property in London, divided into three flats; a house in London (Putney), rented out from 30 June 2015; and commercial property in Surrey, purchased on 29 September 2015 and rented out through Zahawi & Zahawi Ltd."

Zahawi is not only corrupt, but he has also opposed a bill to require landlords to make their rented accommodations fit for human habitation. Yet, he a millionaire has rented his property for income.

But this British-Kurd did not make a fuss as the U.S. President Donald Trump threw Kurds under the bus in Syria. Is it because he is named as a former chair of a secretive Deep State group "Le Circle"? He did not declare membership of that group, which under the Register of Member's Interest of the parliamentary rules, he must.

So, what is Le Circle?

It is a Deep State organization where powerful and influential figures can meet. They are more secretive than Bilderberg, and many are members of Freemasons. They work against the international laws putting through propaganda and lobbying for arms deals, plotting against other countries and hacking accounts of politicians and those they deem as a threat to their existence.

Their members range from politicians, ambassadors, generals, lawyers, bankers, members from oil, shipping, and publishing companies, and they aren't all British. The American contingent is Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Perle. Zahawi is not the only member from the rich Tory right government, there have been others also: Jonathan Aitken, Michael Ancram who just happens to be a former Chair of the Conservative Party, and former shadow foreign minister, was also a chairman of Le Circle; Labour's Margaret Becket who was once Britain’s Foreign Secretary, and chair of Intelligence Select Committee. We can be sure that they influenced British foreign politics via their membership in Le Circle.

The organization is part of Deep State, and most of the British contingent is part of the aristocratic circles, while others have been linked to fascist movements with shady dealings in the Middle East. The question is just how many small countries has this group destroyed and how much money they made out of it? The £19 million ($24,384,630) British Conservatives made from Iraqi wars and human misery is strongly believed to have been linked to Le Circle. And how much companies selling weapons shot up in value is an even bigger question.

They are linked to destabilizing governments and may have taken part in a coup against Labour government of Harold Wilson, as published in The Guardian:

Prompted by CIA fears that Wilson was a Soviet agent – put in place after the KGB had, the spooks believed, poisoned Hugh Gaitskell, the previous Labour leader. These MI5 men burgled the homes of the prime minister's aides, bugged their phones, and spread black anti-Wilson propaganda throughout the media. They tried to pin all kinds of nonsense on him: that his devoted political secretary, Marcia Williams, posed a threat to national security; that he was a closet IRA sympathizer."

The shady organization in charge of destroying the world Zahawi is a member of sees no end in sight, and here he is running for his seat again in Stratford-on-Avon. He will probably win since his constituency voted 51.6% to leave the EU. But when the UK officially losses all the influence in the world, it once had as a member of the EU, Le Circle's British contingent will have no power and like their Freemasons will execute their frustration on ordinary innocent immigrants who were once refugees, and are living in the UK because British Conservatives have destroyed their countries.

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